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Looking to...Incite systemic change? Bridge learning and skills development? Build or increase your capacity to innovate? Enable authentic collaboration? Create & measure impact? Foster inclusive practices? Manage change through digital transformation?

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Inclusive Path works globally across industries, governments, not-for-profits, and academia to offer insights, solutions, and knowledge-sharing that propel organizations through trying times and through growth, always with a lens on inclusive innovation. This may include helping you with strategic planning; developing operations/process flows; market analyses/needs assessments; organizational and business development; building inclusivity practices; managing through change/transformation and/or kickstarting action-driven programming & initiatives.

Meet the Founder & Managing Partner.

Sandra Saric is a strategic, collaborative, and authentic leader and inclusion advocate who is always focused on creating positive, action- and measurement-driven outcomes and systemic changes, with a passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise across audiences and platforms. // For over 20 years, she has led strategic initiatives and diverse teams through organizational scaling up, scaling down, change transitions and disruption; developed new business ventures, secured funding, and built successful programs/initiatives and managed portfolio operations. // Working in collaboration with partners across governments, industry, education and not-for-profits, most of her work has centred on systemic change-driven initiatives - i.e. developing digital education and skills pathways - and on innovation-focused inclusion initiatives –i.e. creating labour market integration and future-proof career pathways for vulnerable, underrepresented, unemployed and underemployed persons in the digital economy. Over her career, she has worked to accelerate the integration of women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, career transitioners, persons-at-risk, newcomers and refugees, and youth into the digital economy. Prior to launching Inclusive Path, Sandra was an executive at ICTC and has extensive not-for-profit/start-up experience.

NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS // Instrumental in launching a cybersecurity education initiative and competition for middle and secondary school students: CyberTitan, to prepare youth with cybersecurity skills. // Represented the Canadian technology sector globally as a member of the Business Mechanism advisory group at the Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD), a United Nations initiative, delivered by the International Organisation of Employers, IOE. (2015-18) // Presented at the United Nations in New York addressing large movements of migrants and refugees, with focus on xenophobia and the global importance of the economic integration of refugees and migrants, in association with GFMD // Facilitated the development of Canada’s first Digital Literacy and Skills Roadmap, in collaboration with a National Taskforce on Education & Skills, a guide for anyone seeking to build digital literacy // One of 150 Canadian women in STEM, hErVOLUTION (2017) // Led the development of Canada’s first National Digital Talent Strategy, with support from Microsoft Canada (2016) // Leadership Excellence Award - Diversity Champion, from Women in Communications and Technology (2015) // International Qualifications Network Award Winner for Engagement, from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (2014)