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We create opportunities for you to innovate, disrupt and/or grow your organization. Are you looking to...Incite systemic change? Build workforce or skills development initiatives? Increase your capacity to innovate? Enable authentic collaboration? Create & measure impact? Foster inclusive practices? Manage change through growth or challenges? Contact us:

Inclusive Path works with industry, government, and not-for-profits to offer insights, solutions, and knowledge-sharing to propel organizations through trying times and growth, always with a lens on diversity, equity and inclusion. This may include helping you with strategic planning; developing operations/process flows; market analyses/needs assessments; business development; building equitable and inclusive strategies, policies and practices; partnership development; government relations; managing through change/transformation, and/or kick-starting action-driven programming & initiatives.

About Us.

We have over 25 years experience leading strategic initiatives and diverse teams through organizational scaling up, scaling down, change transitions and disruption; developing new business ventures, securing government and industry funding, and building successful programs/initiatives.// Working in collaboration with partners across governments, industry, education and not-for-profits, most of our work has centred on systemic change - i.e. developing digital skilling and career pathways for youth, women, newcomers, persons with disabilities, and vulnerable populations into the digital economy; increasing executive and Board diversity, equity and inclusion; coaching not-for-profits; formulating workforce development strategies; government relations; fund/revenue/business development, and partnership development.